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Iran vs. Israel: Who Reigns Supreme in Military Might?

Israel vs. Iran Military Strength: A Comparison

Israel and Iran are currently involved in a conflict over the Gaza Strip, with Iran opposing Israeli actions in the region and even issuing threats. If Iran were to enter the conflict between Israel and Hamas, it could significantly alter the military dynamics in the area and have broader implications for global military dynamics. Let's explore the military strengths of Israel and Iran:

Israel vs. Iran Military Strength: A Comparison

Population and Manpower:

Population and Manpower:

  • - Iran has a population of 87 million, while Israel has a population of just 8.9 million.
  • - In terms of available manpower, Iran significantly surpasses Israel with 48.5 million compared to Israel's 3.74 million. This means Iran can potentially conscript more people into its military quickly, while Israel has a smaller pool of eligible individuals.

Active Personnel and Reserves:

Active Personnel and Reserves

  • - Iran's active military personnel number around 575,000, whereas Israel has approximately 173,000 active personnel. This is a substantial difference in favor of Iran.
  • - In the reserves category, Israel holds an advantage with 465,000 reserve forces compared to Iran's 350,000. However, Iran possesses a significant number of paramilitary personnel, roughly 90,000, whereas Israel has only 8,000.


Israel boasts a larger air force with 601 aircraft compared to Iran's 541.

  • - Israel boasts a larger air force with 601 aircraft compared to Iran's 541.
  • - In terms of fighter jets, Israel has 241, while Iran has 196.
  • - Israel also possesses more dedicated attack aircraft with 32, whereas Iran has 23.
  • - When it comes to transport aircraft, Israel has 86, and Iran has 15.
  • - Israel has 153 training aircraft, while Iran has only 94.

Missile Capabilities:

Missile Capabilities

  • - Iran's strength lies in its rocket forces, capable of launching thousands of rockets, including advanced models like the B-21.
  • - Israel has its own missile capabilities but with a different focus, including a strong emphasis on missile defense systems.

Naval Forces:

Naval Forces:

  • - In terms of naval strength, Iran has a larger fleet with 101 ships, whereas Israel has 67.
  • - Both countries lack aircraft carriers.
  • - Iran has more submarines with 19, compared to Israel's 5.
  • - Iran has 7 frigates, while Israel does not possess any. However, Israel has 7 corvettes.

Infrastructure and Logistics:

Infrastructure and Logistics

  • - Iran has a larger number of airports (319) compared to Israel (42).
  • - Israel has more paved roads, with 19,555 kilometers compared to Iran's 223,000 kilometers.
  • - Israel's territory is relatively small, covering 20,770 square kilometers, while Iran's is much larger, at 1,648,000 square kilometers.
  • - Iran shares its borders with several countries, while Israel's borders are relatively limited.

In summary:

While Iran has some advantages in terms of population and active military personnel, Israel holds the upper hand in terms of air force capabilities and missile defense. Each country has its unique strengths, and the outcome of any potential conflict would depend on various factors beyond just raw numbers. It's important to note that this comparison is based on available data up to my last update in September 2021 and may not represent the current situation.


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