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Unheard Story of the Discovery of the World's First Photograph

Unheard Story of the Discovery of the World's First Photograph, Read Here

Learn when and how the first photo was taken, and explore the history of photography...

Unheard Story of the Discovery of the World's First Photograph

World Photography Day: World Photography Day is celebrated every year on August 19th so that people can understand the important role of photography and become aware of it. Photography is an art that combines visual art and technical knowledge. Through photography, we can capture our visual world in an interesting way and convey stories through our pictures.

This day also provides an opportunity to honor photographers and promote their skills. Photography has created awareness in society and has helped bring together different cultures and lifestyles from around the world. Through this day, we understand the important role of photography and promote it. Because it is through images that we continue to discover what is recorded in the pages of history.

When Was the First Photo Taken

When Was the First Photo Taken

The credit for the first photograph is given to the father of photography, Nicéphore Niépce. He took the first photograph in 1826 in the city of Burgundy, France, using a camera obscura to create an image on a plate. This image is called a "daguerreotype," and it is considered the early form of photography. Using the daguerreotype technique, he could capture a still image of an object through a camera as a permanent image. As a result, later developments and tools in photography emerged.

Learn About the First Photos Ever Printed

World Photography Day

In 1839, the daguerreotype camera was presented by French photographer Louis Daguerre, which was used to make the first printed photographs. Otto Wagner's First News Photo In 1848, German photographer Otto Wagner gave birth to the first news photo, which showed him singing a swing song. Matthew Brady's Photos Matthew Brady, a prominent 19th-century news photographer, took pictures of various news moments, including images taken during the Crimean War. The First Photo in Times of India In 1850, "The Times of India" published its first photograph, which featured a prominent square in Bombay (Mumbai) at the time.


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