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Onam 2023 date and time Traditions and Celebrations

Onam 2023: Date, Traditions, and Celebrations

Onam 2023 date and time

Onam stands as a cherished traditional festival observed by Malayalees across the globe. The festivities encompass vibrant boat races, captivating dance forms, intricate Rangoli patterns, delectable cuisine, and the donning of elegant traditional attire. Women engage in crafting floral masterpieces called Pookkalam, while men partake in the captivating Pulikali performance. A highlight of Onam is the grand Onam Sadya feast, an opulent spread featuring 13 delectable dishes, all presented on banana leaves. The festival pulsates with the grace of Kathakali, the rhythmic Thiruvathira, and various other captivating dances. Temples come alive with cultural events and processions adorned with resplendently adorned elephants. The climax of the festival witnesses the symbolic departure of King Mahabali and the submersion of clay figurines. Onam 2023 is scheduled for August 29th.

Onam 2023: 

Onam holds a position of great significance as a traditional festival rooted in the state of Kerala, celebrated with fervor by the Malayali community worldwide. Diverse cultural manifestations spanning boat races, dance forms, Rangoli art, vibrant attire, sumptuous dishes, and more characterize this festive occasion. The exuberance and enthusiasm marking this celebration are truly remarkable. The forthcoming Onam festival for the year 2023 is slated for August 29th.

Onam 2023: Celebrations and Rituals

1. Pookkalam, intricate floral designs crafted using fresh yellow flowers, grace the courtyards of Malayali households, symbolizing good fortune.

2. Vallamkali, the renowned Snake Boat Race, captures attention as a significant Kerala tradition and a major draw for tourists.

3. Pulikali, a unique art form, sees men adorning themselves as tigers and dancing to the primal beat of drums. This vibrant spectacle unfolds on the fourth day of Onam.

4. The grand "Onam Sadya" beckons relatives and friends to partake in a festive feast of 13 dishes served on banana leaves. This lavish spread includes rice, vegetable curry, curd, and the essential Payasam, a sweet delicacy prepared from milk, rice, sugar, and coconut. This tradition occurs on the third day of Onam.

5. The rich narrative of Hindu mythology finds expression through the captivating Kathakali dance performed mainly by men who don elaborate costumes. Beyond Kathakali, other dances like Thiruvathira, Pulikali, Kummattikali, Thumbi Thullal, and Onam Kali grace the festivities.

6. Temples and sacred sites come alive on the tenth day of the festival with a medley of cultural events and celebrations. Majestic elephants bedecked in regalia lead grand processions.

7. The pinnacle of the festival, Thiruvonam, along with Avittom (third Onam) and Chatayam (fourth Onam), marks significant days. As King Mahabali's symbolic departure is anticipated, the intricate Pookkalam designs are cleared, and clay representations of Onathappan find their immersion in rivers or the sea.


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